Wednesday, 7 July 2010

30 day tag:- DAY 1

So as the previous post said im gonna attempt the 30day tag

Today is day one and that is:-
Day 01 - Your favourite song

Well i have many but im sure thats cheating to just list a whole load of songs so il try and keep it realitively short by picking my favourite love song and my favourite song to dance to and my favourite song to listen to when im feeling down!

Love song has to be:- Eric Clapton -Wonderful Tonight
simply because this was the 1st song me and Gareth ever danced to together at the club where I used to work years ago!
It will always be 'our' song!

Song to dance to:- T-pain - Church
Again this is a song me and Gareth loved from the moment we heard it! Just makes you want to get up and dance and just literally bounce around!
I will always remember, I was dancing in a club to this song when a lady came over and said 'If you dance straighter you would look alot more attractive!'
What she didn't no is that I have a problem with my knees since birth that makes them bend in and there for I cant dance or stand 'straight'. FOOL!
Sorry I just had to rant about that idiot lady, so when ever i hear the song i make sure i dance like a crazy fool just to annoy women like her lol x

Song when im down :- The street- stay positive
I just love the lyrics and I love The streets in general!
As soon as i hear this it makes me realise what ever i go through there will be people going through 10x worse so i should be grateful of what ever i have!

Hope you enjoyed that little insight into my song tastes!

look out for day 2 its . . . my favourite movie!!

thanks so much to all my followers!
Luce x

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