Thursday, 8 July 2010

30 day tag:- DAY 2

Hiya! im still sticking to my daily 30days blog!

Today is Day 2 and that is:-
Day 02 - Your favourite movie

As like most people i have many favourite films and i cant just pin point one that is my ultimate!
So im gonna narrow it down to my favourite 3 but there are hundreds i could mention!

Number 1:- GREASE!

This must be alot of girls favourite film, it just perfect, singing, dancing and fab costume!
I actually have a pink lady jacket!
My favourite character has to be Frenchie, as like me shes a beauty school drop-out! I had that song as my ring tone for a long time when i dropped out of my level 3 beauty course!
I no this film word for word and it just makes me happy any time that i watch it :)

Number 2:- The Fast and the Furious (all)Ok so maybe this is slightly cheating because there are 4 films in the set but i love them all!
Im a secret petrol head and love the fast cars but even more so . . i love Vin Diesel!
ooo that man is gorg!!
I no alot of you will proberly think what a chavvy choice but deep down i hide away my inner chav lol and what do you expect when i have a fiancée who is a mechanic!!

Number 3:- Rita Sue and Bob too
This is such a cult classic film! I love the story and how funny it is!
If you have never seen it i advise you do!
Such a random story but makes me smile every time :)

Well that's it for day 2!

Tomorrows is:-
Day 03 - Your favourite TV programme

As you can imagine i don't just have one, i cant choose, i have a few that i love!!

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