Wednesday, 14 July 2010

30 day tag:- DAY 7

Day 07 - A photo that makes you happy

Well photos are my speciality so i could show you about 100 pictures here that make me happy!

I cant just 1 picture its not actually possible lol
My little man literally 2 mins after he was born on the 22nd March 2010 (9lb 6oz)
Every time i look i could cry it makes me so happy!!
Plus i think its cute because he looks like he has a hairy chest hehe

This picture just fills me with happiness because how happy i was in the picture, i had just given birth to my son, the most amazing experience ever and i was just so happy he was here safe and was a healthy baby!
(also VERY glad the pain was over and i was proberly stil rather high from the gas and air lol)

This picture makes me happy as its the 1st picture me my brother and sister had together in years!
It was taken at my sisters wedding and we all look happy which I love!! (im actually about 3montsh pregnant here too)

So that's Day 07 done :)

Tomorrow is Day 08 - A photo that makes you angry/sad

Thanks everyone!!

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  1. Your baby is so cute (& i adore his name!) & March 22nd is a lovely day (also known as my birthday!) My little guy, Zayn, is due October 18th & I'm very excited to meet him then. xx