Thursday, 15 July 2010

30 day tag:- DAY 8

So today is:-
Day 08 - A photo that makes you angry/sad

Well i wasn't sure what i should do for this one but then i was looking through my pictures and found this one:

This picture is of me and the girl that was my best friend, i makes me sad because we were SO close all though high school, this was our prom leaving night and we won the school award of best double act because we were so close and never apart!! We left school and went to college together and was still stuck together like glue then when we finished college we totally drifted apart! and now i haven't seen her for over a year :(
Just makes me sad when i think how close we were and you think your gonna be best mates for life and then life just takes you on totally different directions!
Im really happy for her she has a good job and as been with her boyfriend over a year but i just wish we were still close :(
Especially with me having Harry i thought she would want to come and see him but when ever we try and make plans she cant make it or i cant we can never seem to find a time and place that we can both turn up too!
If you by some strange miracle you find this blog Lu i want you to no i still love ya to bits, you were there for me through everything and i would love for us to go back to how it was all the laughs and the tears :) x

thanks everyone x

Luv luce x

Day 09: - A photo that you took


  1. Oh hun what a lovely post - you two look like two peas in a pod together! I hope that life brings you together again and you can regain that closeness. Aww I'm feeling all soppy now!


  2. aww thank you!
    i was actually nearly crying typing it up. thinking about all the good times. but like you say i hope we can be friends again some time soon :) x x

  3. Awww hun!!! Hope you two become close again soon x