Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Little Haribo Update!

Well as the title says this is a update about my little boy Harry who is very off-tern called Haribo by us :)
Well on Monday he was 17 weeks old and boy had that time just flown by!
My sister in law who was my other birthing partner along with my other half gareth told me she had found some pictures of harry when he was a few minutes old that she had taken on her phone! when i saw them i was nearly in tears!

Harry is over 16lbs in weight and around 69cm long!
The nurses say hes going to be a big boy when hes older!(^ Harry with our friends baby Kayden who is 6weeks old)

He sleeps in his cot and sleeps from around 9pm to 8am in the morning!
Im a very lucky girl as he has slept through the night from about 4/5 weeks!
He now has baby food once a day and he LOVES it!

He is very much a ladies man and loves women far more than men! When the advert for the bassline CD comes on tv with the women in bikinis hes all eyes, and he loves the lady on countdown too!
(Harry with my friend Lucy^)

Saying this he is very much a daddies boy too i call them my twins lol!

In the next few weeks i hope to take him swimming :)
(well i hope for gareth to take him swimming lol i dont do swimming pools lol)

So thats harrys update!

Peek A Boo!!!

If anyone has any questions about pregnancy and birth or babys im up for answering anything :)

luv luce x


  1. Aww those are lovely pics :)

  2. He is soo gorgeous! You are really lucky! :)

  3. awww he is gorgeous lovely pics glad hes doing well :) xo