Monday, 16 January 2012

Testing the water!

Hiya all,

I no i no, there is properly no one out there reading this but just have felt over the last few weeks that i want to get back on the blogging scene and i no it s a little late for new years resolutions but i thought id set myself a little challenge to open a new blog, i did love it before and simply stopped due to time, my little boy Harry is more than a handful! But I'm going to start a new blog, so name will be changed etc and i will eventually post the link here, mainly updates about the dude himself, days out we go on, milestones in his life, if not for him to see when hes older if nothing else.

This is just a post on this blog to see how everything working, it seems to be pretty much the same as it used to be, so i will be back with a link to my new blog.

(and from reading some old posts on this, i can assure you there will be just as many grammar and spelling mistakes)

So am going to carry on with the new blog and hope to be back soon with a link :)

thanks alot
Lucy x

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